Advisory & Transformation Services

Through our Advisory and Transformation Services, your organization will harness the full potential of the Salesforce investment, aligning it with your overarching strategic objectives and create a comprehensive plan to continuously drive innovation, enhancing customer engagement, and streamlining operational efficiency.


Align Salesforce capabilities with business goals, create immediate value and lay the foundation for growth, ensuring your investment delivers substantial business value.

New to Salesforce

For customers embarking on a transformational journey, our advisory service is dedicated to ensuring that you quickly derive tangible business value from the Salesforce platform. We understand the importance of not only implementing a new system but also ensuring it works effectively for your unique business needs and use cases. Our approach is holistic and tailored, focusing on harmonizing Salesforce's extensive standard capabilities with your specific business objectives.

Our typical focus areas include:

  1. Alignment with Business Goals: We work closely with you to understand your business vision, objectives, and challenges. This analysis step allows us to map Salesforce's functionalities directly to your goals, ensuring that the platform serves as a robust tool in your business strategy rather than "just another software solution".
  2. Expert Guidance: Navigating the vast capabilities of Salesforce can be daunting and challenging for anyone new to Salesforce. Our team of experts, with their in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, guide you through the complexities of the platform. We offer strategic advice tailored to your business context, helping you make informed decisions that maximizes your investment.
  3. Best Practices: With a wealth of industry experience, we bring a repository of best practices to your Salesforce implementation. These practices are designed to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure your Salesforce setup is optimized for both short-term wins and long-term success.

Improve & Innovate

For organizations already utilizing Salesforce and in search of a trustworthy partner to scale, enhance, and innovate their current instance, this service offers comprehensive guidance tailored to your evolving needs. This service is ideal for organizations looking to deepen their Salesforce engagement, seeking not just to maintain their current success but to build on it. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your Salesforce investment, ensuring it continues to be a key driver of business success.

Our typical focus areas include:

  1. Current state review: Our initial step involves an assessment of your existing Salesforce instance. We evaluate how well the platform aligns with your current business objectives and operational needs. Amongst other areas, this service maps the technical architecture to the specific use cases within your organization. This ensures we have a clear understanding of where Salesforce adds value and where there are opportunities for enhancement.
  2. New Trends and Technologies: The tech landscape is continually evolving, with new trends and innovations emerging at a rapid pace. We help you navigate this ever-changing environment by planning strategic adaptations of your Salesforce platform. Our focus is on leveraging new technologies and Salesforce features to keep your organization at the forefront of innovation, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge.
  3. Risks Identification and Change Management: Implementing changes within an established Salesforce environment comes with its set of challenges and risks. Our approach includes identifying potential risks early in the process and developing a robust change management strategy.

Continous Engagement

Our Continuous Engagement Advisory Service is crafted to serve as a vital bridge between your business and IT departments, ensuring that both are aligned and collaboratively driving your organization toward its evolving business objectives and needs.

As a proactive partner, our advisor offer thought leadership, review/audit of the programs, and close collaboration with your team. This service is tailored to empower and guide your team, making it an essential component of your long-term success strategy.

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